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Family     Updated: 26-Nov-13

Nicole has established a solid career within Wells Fargo's high tech practice.  In 2013 she returned to the bay area (YAY!) and is now working in San Jose.  She’s also embarked on a new education program and is working towards her MBA at San Jose State.  

Nicole's facebook page

Carly is now employed as a paramedic while working on completing her bachelors degree.  She is living in Pasadena with her boyfriend Alex.  

Carly's Facebook page
Greg is in his senior year at UC Riverside.   He's had fascinating internships in biology research and appears to be headed that direction career-wise. He's also shown his leadership skills by organizing a scuba club at UCR.  

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Cory led the team in transitions in 2013. He's now:
  • an official Googler
  • living in a new house in Menlo Park
  • married to his new bride, Andrea
  • .
Phew! We're excited to see what they come with for a follow on act!
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javascript button Maddie,  the youngest member of the family, is 2 1/2 .   She is totally spoiled by her empty nester parents.  She's also a favorite among the railroad pooch walker sect.  

Barb and Pete were married in 2001.  They have a fantastic timeP&B at 20th Anniversary B&P Having fun at Hapuna Beach Princetogether.  They enjoy spoling their little pooch, working around the yard, and traveling together.  Barb was promoted to CMO a at Move.com while simultaneously keeping her garden going and doing community service.   Pete is looking for the next employment act after his gig came to an end in the summer.  He's also known to ride a bicycle on occasion including volunteering with the VA's blind vets tandem riding program. 
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