The realization that Cadence was to be shut down for the July 4th week was the genesis for our trip.  Barb and Pete rapidly mobilized trip planning forces.  We winnowed down the vacation choices to Mexico and Hawaii.  Due to time and budget constraints the Caribbean was dropped like a dirty diaper.  Barb had been harboring a hankering for Hawaii and Pete had had his sights set on the Big Island due to its variety of activities and diversity of terrain. When we found we could apply frequent flyer miles for the travel, the deal was sealed.  

Monday, 30-Jun-08

We arose early due to the 3 hour time delta to CA.  In our inimitable fashion, to avoid paying outlandish hotel food prices, we headed to the supermarket to stock our shelves.   We had a fun drive in our rented convertible (a mongo Dodge Sebring) and found some delicious treats at the Waikola Village shopping center. The highlight: Barb nabbed an apple bread just as it was being hauled from the oven.  It has proven to be a rare gem.   

In the afternoon we explored the hotel and hung loose at the beautiful Hapuna beach.  We staked out two primo chairs by the ocean.  The warm, clear water even enticed Barb to fully submerge herself in the ocean!  After eating our homemade lunch the tide started coming in.  Pete's prediction that the water wouldn't come up to us was shown to be particularly astute.  ;)

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